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He said if CNRP leaders are forced out of Cambodia before next year’s election, it would, in his words, “effectively mean the death of Cambodian democracy.” He said no one doubts that Hun Sen can order immediate violence by the military and police.

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Although the problem is fixed, we need to test this in our UAT environment. Idea 1: Create a SQL Stored Procedure that inserts 1000 records to the Content Database.

To test this we need 1000 requests logged in the Share Point site. Problems: Content Database access issue, direct modification is not recommended. Action: Feasible I selected the Idea 6 as the site is authenticated in a browser window. The Steps The following are the steps involved in the application.

Tehnologia KNX poate fi utilizată atât în clădiri noi cât și în cele deja existențe.

KNX este standardul global pentru controlul clădirilor cu o singură platformă software, independentă de un producător KNX, pentru design și punere în funcțiune (ETS), cu o gamă completă de medii de transmisie disponibile (TP, PL, RF și IP), precum și cu o gamă completă de moduri de configurare (Modul System și Modul Easy).

I also enjoyed the beginning of the article because it reminded me of those bad dates I had to suffer through…and he’s right: at least with speed dating when things are bad, you’ve only 5 more minutes to deal with. If you have found internet dating overly painful, perhaps speed dating will get you on track.

As I mention in the online dating guide, to have success in dating you either need to be very lucky or very active (although I suppose extraordinarily rich/attractive would work, too. Even if you are enjoying some success with online dating, the experience that speed dating could provide might prove quite valuable (particularly with breaking the ice).

Idea 2: Create a web part that inserts records into the Audit Log using the Server Object Model. Idea 3: Click the browser refresh button 1000 times. Through a separate windows application we can send Refresh keys (F5) at regular intervals using the Windows API. If the _pointer has a value greater than 0, we have a valid Handle.

Problems: Too hectic for a human to perform Idea 4: Place a lock on the F5 key. Note A handle (HWND) is the return value from Create Window Ex which the Windows Operating System uses to identify a window.

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