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Many people, she says, are nervous and so talk too much about themselves and don’t know how to flirt.

She thinks clients should meet a lot of different people – it takes the pressure off any single relationship.

And though popular opinion is that men have it much easier than women, that isn’t how it feels if you’re a man, newly launched on the dating scene after a long-standing relationship is over.

Even a woman as gorgeous as Lisa Snowdon, attractive enough to have captured the interest of George Clooney, has admitted to being scared that “maybe there’ll be no husband, no baby, no wedding”. Column inches in the glossies are given over to attractive, successful single people bemoaning the lack of a suitable mate.And you shouldn’t meet again too soon after the first meeting.“Let the momentum build up and don’t worry if there is no instant chemistry – it’s much harder to have that instant buzz in an artificial dating system.” Marriage is not always the main objective these days, either.She, too, thinks that the need for agencies such as hers has grown because of huge social upheaval.

Whereas our ancestors got together for economic survival, procreation and, higher up the social ladder, for dynastic reasons, for the consolidation of power and land, today’s lonely hearts are looking for an emotional connection.

If somebody offers only 70 per cent of what they’re looking for, they say, ‘Next please.’” Many of her clients are in adrenaline-driven jobs and so “the urgent takes over from the important, and taking time and trouble over relationships falls by the wayside”.

She spends much of her time persuading her clients not to reject others too early.

Women are tougher, more independent, more demanding.

Now that women can earn good livings they’re more in control, less willing to put up with anything less than perfect and much quicker to call time if they think they aren’t happy.

“I think it’s a very difficult time for relationships.