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Emerging adulthood presents us with heavy stressors, but you don’t have to go through all of it alone. She works with a variety of populations in private practice and has a particular interest in helping young adults in the throes of transition.

We can all benefit from a healthy outlet for processing and exploring.

The details vary state-by-state, but an intern is usually working toward their minimum direct-service hours to get fully licensed. What it really means is that you get two qualified therapists for the price of one, and someone who is fresh out of their master’s degree is going to be concerned about doing things the right way. I want to dispel the myth that therapy involves a lengthy, expensive commitment.

Gone are the days of laying on the couch for hours on end, free associating while someone passively takes notes from across the room. As a young adult on the verge of a lifetime of important interpersonal experiences (job promotions, intimate relationships, friendships…the list goes on), you have the ability to break any negative habits now. Therapy can be the perfect lab to experiment with new behaviors and traits.

Many community clinics and agencies offer sliding-scale rates, which means they will accommodate your financial needs and offer you a reasonable fee.

If the information isn’t published, there’s no harm in asking.

If you are a university student, you likely have access to free or low-cost counseling on your campus.

Check out what your school has to offer—you may already be paying for sessions through your student fees.

I have shown up to work wearing two different shoes after a sleepless night of wondering how I’m going to pay rent.

I have alternated between PB&J’s and ramen noodles in a pitiful attempt to “mix things up.” I have sat with students in office hours as they cried about their seemingly insurmountable stress.

Meg Jay details in her book, “The Defining Decade,” this leaves us with a critical ten-year period in which to jump-start our lives and set ourselves up for success.

I am in a unique place where I experience both the real stressors associated with emerging adulthood and help others navigate through their own.

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