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Practice your dating and conversational skills on Katie and then get the inside scoop on the dating do's and dont's from a woman herself. Take your Social Concierge on a "practice date" and treat her like any other girl.

Four sessions per month, each lasting four hours in length. These do not have to be back to back but rather used within a month time frame for optimal practical absorption. At the end of the night, she'll compile your report card and give you the REAL HONEST TRUTH about your performance.

continue reading → Your Wing Woman is a liaison between the sexes; she eases the somewhat awkward situation of men meeting women.

When you are out with an attractive woman, as a guy you hand is stamped. Have you noticed women seem to almost respond more?

I want to help them to find love.” As the night begins, the duo scanned the bar for women. Gopman’s warmth was evident as the four chatted about travel plans.

The women didn’t seem at all phased that the man hitting on them was with another woman. Gopman said NYC Wingwoman is unique specifically because she is training them to be pick-up artists, which have a reputation for psychologically manipulating women into short-term sexual flings.

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The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible. LIVE Coaching Session With Katie Pebbles: 2.5 hours at a social location with email critique and Skype followup.

Wearing a fitted, dark suit and a similarly dark, open-collared shirt that hugged his physique, Toufic Moret met up with Cher Gopman at a rooftop bar in Midtown, Manhattan on Saturday night just past 10 p.m. In fact, Gopman was there to help Moret meet other women—Gopman is Moret’s ‘wingwoman.’ Gopman is otherwise known as the NYC Wingwoman, helping men—and a few women—all over the Big Apple find the love or relationship they want.

The city’s surrounding skyscrapers started to light up as Moret gave Gopman, who is petite and cheerful, his undivided attention. After listening to Moret’s war stories she offers advice. In fact, she may be New York City’s biggest cheerleader for love.

This is your first impression can win over people, be a ho-hum statement or a total turn off.

Present to the world, an assertive man that attracts, love, success, good energy.

Look Joe Schmo, wearing a fleece jacket and jeans is not going to leave a lasting impression (unless you are George Clooney).