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In the Season 1 finale, Riley was forced to kill Daniel Holt from the Organisation in order to save her own life.

set with Lucas Till and Justin Hires in Atlanta, Georgia today (November 8).While we don’t know a whole lot about who she’s playing, Lucas did tease fans a little bit.The man Roman and his signature radio show 99% invisible have been assigned in the mainstream press as an innovative.He also made his own podcast collective ' Radiotopia' in cooperation with the Knight Foundation.Over the years Riley developed her hacking skills, using the name Artemis37.

At one point she hacked into the Pentagon just to see if she could.

When she was twelve, her mother Diane began dating Jack Dalton.

Both Riley and Diane believed he sold bathroom tile, although at the time he was actually working for the CIA.

Throughout her teenage years, Riley knows how to take care of herself and puts the people closest to her above her own needs.

While she is snarky, sarcastic and has a smart remark for any situation, she does have a good heart, and this, combined with her sense of loyalty, is why she allowed herself to be arrested and sent to prison to, not only foil the enemy's plot to make her steal a cyber-weapon, but to secure her mother's safety.

She served two years in prison, an extremely traumatic experience for her, before being released at the request of Mac Gyver after Jack Dalton recommended her hacking skills to DXS.