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Like his fellow future Rangers, he grew up and lived in the city of Angel Grove and attended Angel Grove High School.

Lee has another child, son Pilot Inspektor, with actress Beth Riesgraf. He was previously married to actress Carmen Llywelyn in 1995. Lee made the revelation while giving an update on his life to a local news site, The Dentonite.Oscar-winner Haggis, 63, meanwhile, opened up in the documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.Famous stars who continue to practice the religion include Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, Erika Christensen, Elisabeth Moss, Jenna Elfman and Danny Masterson.Once outside the building, Jason tried to persuade the others that maybe they should give this a shot. Before Jason's eyes a group of very strange beings were standing before him and the others. At first, Jason and the others fought with all their might, but they were swiftly defeated.

Realizing they didn't have the strength to defeat the Putties, Jason encouraged everyone to use their Power Morphers.We’re not here to buy up or change or take over Denton, put some kind of personal stamp on it.We’re just here like anyone else who wants to be a part of Denton’s very cool creative community, and to be involved and perhaps help where we can.” Last year, Lee’s ex-wife, Carmen Llywelyn, wrote a scathing open letter about Scientology, blaming the religion for their split.As Jason was taking this all in, an even more strange sight awaited him.In an energy tube of blue light, was a huge floating head, who introduced itself as Zordon and explained that Jason and the others had been chosen by him to fight evil in the form of Rita Repulsa.When Rita unleashed her second-in-command Goldar on Angel Grove, Jason led the other Rangers in summoning their Zords and combining them into the Megazord, which they used to successfully force Goldar into retreating.