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Aoyama agrees to the plan and is immediately enchanted by Asami Yamazaki (Eihi Shiina), attracted to her apparent emotional depth.

Yoshikawa develops misgivings about Asami after he is unable to reach any of the references on her résumé, such as a music producer she claimed to work for, who is missing.

A passerby tells Aoyama that the police found three extra fingers, an extra ear, and an extra tongue when they recovered the body; Aoyama has hallucinations of the body pieces.

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Javier Gutierrez revealed that, when he was working on the project, the producers were eyeing a million budget, with the filmmaker revealing that they were aiming for an R-rated revenge movie.

Edward Pressman is still producing alongside Samuel Hadida and Kevin Misher.

She tells him that just like everyone else in her life, he has failed to love only her.

She cannot tolerate his feelings for anyone else, even his own son.The original 1994 movie starred Brandon Lee as Eric Draven, based on the iconic comic books by James O'Barr.The story followed rock star Eric Draven, who was killed alongside his fiancee Shelly, the night before their wedding, by a group of street thugs.However, Aoyama is so enthralled by her that he pursues her anyway.She lives in an empty apartment, containing a sack and a phone.As he falls back asleep in the hotel, he returns to find his son fighting back Asami, who is brandishing mace. Aoyama tells his son to call the police and stares at the dying Asami, who repeats what she said on one of their dates about her excitement on seeing him again.