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Paris, on the other hand, has a crush on him and is jealous of the attention he gives Rory.

Tristan told Rory that he wanted to take Rory to the dance but she didn't believe him, since he is mean to her.

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The two were once seen making out so intensely that neither of them noticed Rory or Paris' pleas for them to move from their lockers.

At Madeline's party, Tristan got into a fight with Summer.

Eventually, he got her to talk to him, but that unfortunately caused her to break up with him.

Tristan was briefly depressed and humiliated by the breakup, which caused him to sulk alone in Madeline's piano room. Paris consistently admired Tristan and dreamed that he would ask her on a date.

, Sophia married co-star Chad Michael Murray after two years of dating.

The couple seemed to be a match made in heaven, that is, until Chad met billionaire heiress and night vision queen Paris Hilton.

Bush later said, "It devastates me now that I have been reduced to a Hollywood statistic, another joke marriage.

He unsuccessfully tries to pressure Rory to date him and obnoxiously calls her Mary, as in the Virgin Mary, a practice common, but dated in catholic/private schools.

Desperate, Tristan takes Rory's books and tells her he won't give them back unless she agrees to go with him.

Unfortunately for him, Rory didn't care, and ended up getting back together with Dean right in front of him.

Tristan arrives at the party and teases her about kissing him, but he actually probably wanted her to.