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Matt told me that you guys worship at the altar of Derek Rake, and I can personally attest to the effectiveness of Derek Rake’s techniques… But before you delve into that technique, know this – I am convinced that there is a conspiracy to STOP newbies or people outside the ‘circle’ to learn about fractionation.We can understand this; the fact is that the less people know this then it’s better for the rest of us.

Plus, you will be able to find out more about what she likes and what she dislikes through her answers. A study shows that the most successful marriages are from online dating.As mentioned earlier, these three questions aren’t exactly set in stone or anything, so you can change them up anytime, as needed.TIME: Have a time in mind that you’d like to meet for the date. PLACE: Have a main place to go on your first dates. Read more about what to look for in your DAY: This is the part you do NOT need to know. You’re gonna let her tell you the day she’s available.Just ask the question that guarantees getting from the phone to the date smoothly.As a matter of fact, it would be best to change them according to your current situation and your overall personality.

Besides, using canned questions and lines that don’t suit your style might just throw girls off – remember that.

You: Hey, So what’s your schedule look like this week?

Girl: I’m busy Tuesday and Wednesday but I’m free on Thursday.

But if the conversation went well then asking on the 1st phone call is preferred. That gives the girl time to get home from work, get ready and not be rushed.

(But ALWAYS ask her out by the second call) Ok, Now the details: You’ll need to know 2 things and NOT know 1 thing. If she responds with a time that is more convenient for her, that’s fine. You’ll need to know a few places, but you should have Home Base.

Finally, when you ask a girl these questions, insert some hypnotic phrases in order to build and deepen the attraction.