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You wouldn't be billed again until seven days before the next bundle is released on the first Friday of December. Full subscriptions to Humble Monthly can be gifted now.

It can't currently be used to activate "child" products contained in that Bundle.For activating "child" products, customers must use the license key that was generated for that specific product upon purchase.This payment would unlock the early-access title at that time.The rest of your monthly subscription games will be delivered once it's released on November 6th.After you gift the bundle to a friend, make sure that you let them know they will need to redeem the monthly gift to the release date (first Friday of the month) if they want that bundle.

If they redeem after this date they will receive the bundle for the following month!In addition, every game in a Humble Monthly Bundle can be gifted individually!To send a game, click the gift box as shown below: Please note that once a key is revealed, the gift option will disappear.On the customer side, they are only useful for renewals.A Bundle License can be used by the customer for renewing their Bundle purchase.If you have been selling bundles since before version 3.2 was released, you may wish to upgrade all past purchases to generate license keys for those bundles, making it possible for your bundle customers to easily renew their bundle purchases.