Webcamming with a doctor

:) I love the photos too and that I could be natural looking not all caked up! I am very much looking forward to seeing the videos and the photos especially! growing up I use to want to be a Veterinarian but as a kid you want to be just about anything.

I was nervous about the whole thing but I must admit now that I enjoyed every second of it! Hopefully I can get down to LA and shoot again with you guys! She is my baby and I usually run with her every morning.

My guiding principals in life are to use manners, be respectful, and to keep the relationships I have with my family healthy. My favorite book is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas because it's such a vivid story with such a spontaneous plot line, a good friend gave me her copy my sophomore year in high school and I still have it.

I never thought i'd be popular enough to come back but i'm happy that i'm here again.

I also like being around the photographer and I wish he would touch me even more than he does.

I masturbate thinking of him fucking me and sometimes I come 5 or 7 times before i go to sleep.

I think the best part of coming to visit is his dick in me. This time I asked to stay in bed with him instead of the other room and he's a good cuddler too.

Anyway maybe i'm saying too much but thats the main reason why i wanted to come back.

I'm supposed to write about the shoot but it was all a fast blur to me and all of it was fun except maybe the golf ball part.

Now that you know me a little better beyond my sexy young appearance, I hope you appreciate my sexy videos! I had so many, and I have a lot, so that's saying something. And of course we were flashing people haha I'm told you guys like that :)My name is Franki and im somewhat new to modeling but definitely new to porn. Yeah my boobs are bigger but i fluctuate like this all the time.

I was actually hoping that my 1st shoot would be with FTV because I loved the cover pages some other models had posted. Orgasms, to public nakedness jeez haha I just hope you guys love it! I'm not sure why but it doesn't have anything to do with my period.

I show them off to my friends, they're jelly all about it.

As these girls are real life friends, and Lexi introduced Charlotte to FTV -- I brought up the idea that they should do a girl-girl shoot, even though they've never been that way with each other before.

I never used a vibrator before so using one for the first time was amazing, I don't think I had ever had an orgasm like I did when I was using the vibrator.