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Before meeting Shane, Kim admits to feeling the anxiety many people experience when first attempting to make connections online, driven by the unknown of who is really on the other side.But akin to what most experienced online daters have learned, Kim was soon able to differentiate the genuine connections from those with less-than-honest intentions.

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Falling in love online, they celebrated their virtual wedding in the game before ever meeting in person.They used gaming to get to know each other’s children as well, spending time playing together on Xbox Live long before in-person introductions were made.Clearly the stigma attached to internet dating has long since been drowned out by the cooing of amorous lovers.Researchers at Harvard and MIT have proven statistically that those who use virtual dating are twice as likely to have more than one date offline, and while commonly users of conventional online dating like their dates less after the first offline date, Weopia users were more positive towards individuals they had dated virtually.However convincing people to pay for the service when they could stick with tried and tested traditional methods may prove difficult.

Additionally the hefty 0.5GB application may put users off, especially when there are other competitors on the market that do not require such hefty downloads, but Weopia say that it preferred not to sacrifice graphic quality for download size and in answer to other criticisms aim to add in more interactive features in future releases.

Weopia allows singles to meet each other in an experiential virtual environment that allows a more meaningful experience than email or text chat, whilst also experiencing less cost, time, stress and risk.

Users select an avatar and arrange a date from a multitude of date environments in the 3D virtual world.

With the public’s growing interest in online games and the maturation of social platforms into something more than a 15-minute distraction, these online environments have evolved into much more meaningful destinations for entertainment, making friends, and even falling in love.

True love knows no bounds, and the type of atmosphere bred by online games and social casinos easily lends itself to the inspiration of budding love.

These virtual world environments – like social casino Vegas World – mimic those of real-world dating scenarios.