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Studies show that so-called “gender neutral” terms like Man, mankind, and the aforementioned “his” actually do cause sex bias and imply inequality. It lists, among others: feisty, airhead, bossy, bubby, frigid, frumpy, ditsy, hysterical, hormonal, shrill, and voluptuous, besides pointing out that we classify a woman as a “mother of” (as in “mother of three) while we seldom classify a man as a “father of (some number of children)”; and we also use the term “working mother.” What about “working father? Isn’t it funny, though, how these female-oriented words are so negative? No point in pretending otherwise; I do, too, even though the word “postman” was not used. Let’s see: more words that are associated with girls and women and almost never with boys or men. Swoon gives you a picture of a woman in a long dress pressing one hand to her forehead and collapsing . I’ll throw in “perky” and “spunky” while I’m at it here. And then there’s “flighty.” Heard of a flighty man? And then there’s “coy.” Its very definition says “especially with reference to a woman.” Anybody want to be thought of as coy? ” Does any man (other than Deep Throat) say things throatily? And then there’s doing something in “affected” way, like giving “an affected little shudder.” Do men ever do that? I knew that there must be still other words that are usually only used to describe women, so I googled the subject, and in found this article by Radhika Sanghani with 14 words. This site adds the terms: haughty, brash, bewitching, loose, and high-maintenance along with a few others that I might argue could actually be used for males.We need to accept “they” as a singular pronoun and “their” as a singular possessive adjective so that we can say “a postal worker may be forced to turn on their heel and flee” and not get flustered about it. It’s too deeply ingrained, and, sadly, men who would cringe at a racist comment don’t seem to see that it’s just as bad to use words that put down women—even while they’re ranting at a male.It’s not perfect, but it’s the best we have right now and it’s much, much better than being sexist. In the same vein, “kitty”-whipped (the synonym for henpecked) is degrading to both men and women. It’s sure as hell easier than eradicating violence against women worldwide—but it may actually be a start toward that holy goal. Yet, these words may not be recognized as discriminatory because their use is perceived as normative and therefore not unusual. And once you’re attuned to the problem, maybe you too will wince when authors continue to cluelessly drivel on about the fate of mankind instead of humankind or talk about manpower and manning the helm and how the next president of the United States will be the most powerful man in the world. “You’re going down, bitch,” they shout over and over as they parkour their video game nemeses.

You’ll find that, as Sherryl Kleinman, the teacher of a sociology course on gender inequality at the University of North Carolina, says, word choice is important “[b]ecause male-based generics are another indicator—and more importantly, a reinforcer—of a system in which ‘man’ in the abstract and men in the flesh are privileged over women.” She adds that changing our language is a relatively easy way to start making inroads toward equality of the sexes. Kelley-Chew that concludes that “male-gendered generics are exclusionary of women and tend to reinforce gender stereotypes. But what really drives me crazy is that men (mostly men) use the term “bitch” not only when they’re trying to derogate a woman, but when they’re insulting a “weak” man.

The latest findings also hint that language is part and parcel of many more aspects of thought than scientists had previously realized.” But, see, you probably already know this yourself. And that it meant exactly what you, in your horror, are thinking, oh, no, please tell me it didn’t mean .

Don’t you, really, when you examine the English language? No, it’s a Hollywood star who is probably also a politician. You can still find it lingering in some books by authors of the twentieth century.

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