ocoee fl dating site User control in updatepanel not updating

First up, apologies for the length of this question!I have a page with several web user controls on them two of which are somewhat interdependent.The control tree into which viewstate is being loaded must match the control tree that was used to save viewstate during the previous request.

NET Ajax components that allows you to get a partial update of your page on postback.

You can place all of your old non-AJAX components inside the update panel and they will behave as they were AJAX enabled.

You will also found few cool techniques of Modal Popup Extender in this link.

To run the sample first create a Ajax Control Tool Kit enable site website then create a folder Dynamic Control Loading folder and copy the files in the following attachment.

Download: Complete Source Hi, If your usercontrol includes any Text Boxes or other controls with postback data, you will not be able to use these values immediately in the Page_Load.

Unfortunatelly, in large applications in may be very significant problem.When this dropdown has a selected index change I want to update the control panel in Call Control.Call Control exposes it's update panel as such: The two are then associated together in the On Load event of the page containing the controls. EDIT: code example Call cs: Can you add an example of Creating and Invoking the Event handler Delegate.To overcome this problem it is better during postback to load user control in overridden Load View State method after calling base. In this case you do load it before postback data are handled and user control comes loaded to Page_load event.Hi, Nice article, but I was wondering what do i need to do if I'm trying to load multiple user control in one event? co'z it's not working i'm getting an error: Failed to load viewstate.In an ideal world they could be one control but for various reasons they need to be two.