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If your application launches on the i Phone X and doesn’t take on the full resolution of the device, the most common reason for that is a missing Launch Screen Storyboard.You can review the documentation for more information on getting that set up.

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People have noted that whenever they type the capital letter "i," it shows up as a question mark combined with the letter "A," which is either a glitch or Apple's subtle way of telling us that we should be questioning our entire existence.

(Maybe both.) But regardless, it's really annoying, and definitely wreaks havoc on any emails, text messages, or Instagram captions one might be trying to type.

Some users found a way around the issue by writing "eye" instead of "i," but that seems a little extreme TBH.

As for Apple themselves, they haven't yet offered a solution to the bug, but are prompting folks to DM them to work through the problem.

The new Super Retina display is edge-to-edge on the device, creating an immersive experience we had yet to see on i Phones.

With the new screen changes on the i Phone X, developers may be asking themselves, “What do I have to do update my app?To check for i Tunes update, open the program, click the i Tunes menu and select Check for Updates.Once i Tunes is up-to-date, it's time to connect your i OS device to the computer using the lightning charging cable.To start using the Pay attention to areas of your app UI that are full screen and make sure they don’t get clipped or hidden behind the home indicator. Forms-based project, be sure to stay tuned for a future release to help make updating your cross-platform UI code compatible with the i Phone X.There are also some great resources available from Apple on updating for the i Phone X, with plenty of videos and guides on common pitfalls.On the plus side, you might find yourself with new emoji to choose from, like mermaids and dinosaurs (finally).