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This usually isn’t a problem during upgrades, as the database was designed with the older feature set in mind.

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The script also provides the actual T-SQL to update the stats on the [TSQL] column so it could be easily adapted to actually execute the update operations in an automated way, a maintenance SQL Agent job for example.

Cardinality Estimator At the core of any query optimizer is the cardinality estimator.

Analyze Datasets: Updates the database statistics of base tables, delta tables, and archive tables, along with the statistics on those tables’ indexes.

This tool is used in enterprise geodatabases to help get optimal performance from the RDBMS query optimizer.

This tool is used in enterprise geodatabases to rebuild existing attribute or spatial indexes.

Out-of-date indexes can lead to poor geodatabase performance.

Tuning your RDBMS is an important aspect of maintaining your enterprise geodatabase.

Two tasks found in all Esri-supported RDBMS are updating DBMS statistics and rebuilding indexes.

This looks at the statistics on the tables being queried and the operations being performed to estimate the number of rows for each step in the query’s execution plan.

As experienced DBAs know, incorrect cardinality estimates can be devastating to the database’s performance.

However, regressions are possible so you should thoroughly test existing databases before changing the compatibility level in production.