Updating public folder takes 90 cpu

I'm gonna make a few tests and see why the load was so high before, maybe a malware program or the firewall were the cause. Would you be able to startup the programs one by one to see which one causes the Display Fusion CPU usage to go wonky?If you could also let me know what apps you have running on startup, I can try testing them out here. Here are my debug files, I re-started DF around and right away it started using a lot of CPU.

updating public folder takes 90 cpu-30

Total folders size is ~20 GB and there are also some big 1-2 GB ISO files.I've had those shortcuts, apps and folders in there for a long time now and I haven't changed anything recently.I tried to manually close and start up all the programs and the CPU always spiked up to 90% for ~1 minute and then went back down after I waited.The log I attached above was taken right after I started DF while all the apps were already running and I was able to reproduce the issue consistently this way.Once it does it at least once the next "moves" to another monitor are faster. In general anyway everything feels more "sluggish" with B8 & B8T1 compared to B7.

Already went back to it after taking the log :-[Quote: Ok, interesting!Quote: The issue was that we were checking the desktop folder for Chrome app shortcuts, to grab the correct icon for the Chrome app shortcut on the DF taskbar.We've got it all fixed up in this build: Fusion/Display Fusion Setup-7.0.0-Beta8-Test5I just wanted to add that I was also experiencing CPU spikes with the initial Beta 8 build, especially during copy operations, but the Beta 8 Test5 build you posted seems to have fixed it.I didn't clear the log before I opened it up so it'll have the previous session at the top.Ok, we've found the cause of the bug, but we're not 100% sure of the root cause.We added some code that checks the shortcuts in the following folders for their icons, so that the same icons can be used on the Display Fusion taskbar if a user has changed them to custom icons. NET function for enumerating a folder is getting stuck in an infinite loop for some reason.