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Personally, I think that an Android device is best when it is rooted and empowered by a good custom ROM, or at least enhanced by mods.

Microsoft is confirming speculation that it plans to sell hardware in its revamped Microsoft Store app.The newest Windows 10 insider release comes with a new quest and a pitch for users to try out Microsoft’s new Store expe...However, it happens sometimes that while performing such activities, you might get into some problem and to get out of it might be forced to install the stock firmware.In the same way, people also feel nostalgic about stock features after using custom ROMs for some time and decide to return to the original software from the OEM.Microsoft today released Windows 10 Build 17035 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring and Skip Ahead.

This build comes with several new features including Near Share, a brand new feature to share files wirelessly to nearby P...

Microsoft is bringing its contentious skype design to Windows 10 piecemeal.

A week ago, the firm brought the new design to PCs on Linux, Mac OS, Windows 8.1 and below, but users of Windows 10 have a bit longer to wait. Stephanie Tarling’s Pure Imagination was a key part of the spine-chilling magic of the Surface Studio unveil, and the artist has since contributed to the marketing of Surface Laptop and Surface Book 2. Last week, Microsoft revealed its next generation Surface Book family.

“Demand for the Xbox One X is really high,” said Harvey Eagle . A company which bills itself as an inventor-owned patent licensing entity is suing Microsoft in the U. District Court in Marshall, Texas, claiming the company’s now-defunct Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL infringed on its LED-r...

Google introduced a new redirect blocker for Google Chrome in a blog post on the Chromium site today.

Very often one can share content on PCs using the cloud or various messaging apps and websites, but few PCs have a user-friendly built-in way to directly share content without going through a middle-man of some sort. Just before the Xbox One X released to players in the United States, Microsoft hosted a live stream event to celebrate the occasion with stars and fans alike.