Updating jas 10 4 8

It seems the format of the encrypted session has changed since the last update, causing an error to be thrown if when the 'old' JSON formatted session is decrypted.

Since this is a breaking change, can we call this update version 3.0.0 instead of 2.1.3? The API technically hasn't changed for getting/setting session data.

This opportunity will be free this coming quarter as we work out all logistics/procedures.

Our students are most “in their element” when they are connecting in the community and contributing their love of the arts, health, and wellness.I wanted to say that i am so glad i am a student here .i feel amazing.help me on somethings like being patient and not stressing out or getting over welm it help me at my job and other things. This quater i have to do 4 solos one for tues ballet class and cheer to and grad class and bye bye birdy will be a challege for me but i know i can do it.i rember miss bella alway reminds us students the 3 p .passion and patients and persver. This place caters to helping families and single women who are homeless. Lounge Nights are always the last Friday of the month, unless otherwise specified.We always need people to help set up, and clean up, crowd control, help with activities.Any classes without 6 students enrolled after the 2nd week of instruction will be cancelled.

The Art Department is in need of old t-shirts that we could use for smocks. If you have any to donate, please leave them with the site manager and I will get them. Professor Nicole If you are a current or former student, and would like to try out a distance learning class, Skyping into class from the convenience of your home, please email De Anna Pursai at [email protected] this coming Winter session beginning January 9, 2017 – Distance Learning option classes are marked now on the Winter Quarter schedule.

We could donate at least 50 hygiene kits, and over 300 pairs of socks.

Student council donated said items to the Lifemoves Villa in downtown San Jose.

Please do write me to let me know how it went for you, and/or with any suggestions.

I'd love to hear that it helped someone and/or any improvements that could be added. In the instructions below, I'll walk you through installing the Cisco VPN client on a Debian or Ubuntu system.

We are seeking public schools, private schools, corporate lunch & learn meetings, day programs,and senior living centers.