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UPDATE: For a guide dealing with the conversion to csproj/Visual Studio 2017 check out this post. A couple of items need to edited by hand and the rest can be updated using Nu Get UI or you can change them all by hand if you like. For some reason the tools section doesn’t seem to have intellisense so I ended up searching the Nu Get site to find the new versions. It has been less than six months since the initial release of ASP.

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All these are using the same core so you can choose the one that you prefer.

The changes made during the upgrade are written to a log file regardless of the interface used.

There are ways to improve the quality of your web forms code, including injecting dependencies to reduce coupling in your codebehind files, but moving to ASP.

NET Core MVC will be as much of an undertaking as moving to ASP. What’s worse, you could run your web forms pages side-by-side with MVC 5, but that’s not an option on ASP. I recommend remaining on Web Forms until the app is worth replacing entirely.

Version Utility 11.1 is designed to upgrade projects to Ultimate UI for ASP. If you need to upgrade to one of the previous versions of Ultimate UI for ASP. 10.3) you should use the Version Utility that was shipped with that volume.

There are three editions of the utility depending on the interface used – a command line interface, an Add-in interface and a Stand-Alone application.

At this point, you should take the same actions that you normally take when changes have been made to the source code of your application (like opening the application in Microsoft® Visual Studio, and then reviewing the source code, compiling, and testing).

* *Unsuccessful Conversion At this time, you can use the log file to identify what caused the error and try to fix the error manually.

For example, check out this e Book and sample application on microservices with ASP. You’ll be able to host many more instances of the same app on the same hardware running on Core than on traditional ASP. If you find that you’re fighting with the framework while trying to do these things in ASP. NET web forms, odds are you’re best off staying on that platform.

Microsoft is continuing to invest in web forms and is shipping new features.

Want to keep using your EF6 or NHibernate data access layer? NET Core doesn’t take much time at all if your team is already familiar with ASP. A couple of new features, like how apps start up and how middleware works, are worth learning about, but most of your team could be productive without ever knowing the details of these aspects of the framework. NET Core Quick Start course and they’ll be good to go in no time! You won’t be able to use some libraries that require the full .