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The regime was further condemned and sanctioned following the release of KGB documents confirming the use of Gestapo like police forces to find, arrest, torture, and execute so-called "enemies of the state".

The following Royal Naval vessels15 Destroyers3 Carriers10 frigates20 Corvettes20 Submarines Royal Air Force aircraft75 Bombers150 Fighters Have been deployed to attack the Manticoran navy.Additionally, 50,000 troops have been moved to Scotland, 50,000 to Ireland, and 100,000 to England.- Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges Arioslavians to leave England and Concordia and cancel planned travels.- Report: Basari, Esperia and Al-Khaleej chosen as a trip target by more and more Arioslavian tourists.- Ukralian authorities: Stepan V.will be handed over to Arioslavia.- "Op De Weg" from Dietsland conquers Internet.Official Statement by the Manticoran Department of State It is amusing that Concordia, a nation involved with the open genocide of their own citizens, calls on the International Community to condemn a modern, civilized state.

Frankly, Concordia has no business speaking to the International Community unless it is to apologize to the International Community and its citizens.The Empire's own air defense network had been optimized for use against stealth aircraft, making the non-stealth fighters of the RAF extremely vulnerable.With radar and air control stations damaged or destroyed, the RAFs days were numbered.King Benjamin statement" To our countrymen all across the isles, we shall defend this clay with our lives. Additionally, 50,000 troops have been moved to Scotland, 50,000 to Ireland, and 100,000 to England.Today is the day we fight back against the tyranny of the international clique that controls the Manticoran perverts and they're allies. we will not attempt to stage and offensive against Manticoran but we will never give up our land. More to come Imperial aircraft far outclassed those of the Royal Air Force.Breaking Entertainment News The popular Havlancan model and Youtuber, Kristiana lvarez Muoz, has been rumoured to be dating fellow Youtube star, Jason Pal.