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I'm not a performer and frankly those conventions scare the hell out of me.It is scary to be surrounded by a thousand people asking questions as if the events in the series actually happened.

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The angry Shatner leaves but because of his contract must return, and tells the Trekkies that they saw a "recreation of the evil Captain Kirk from episode 27, 'The Enemy Within.'" The Saturday Night Live segment mentioned many such common stereotypes about Trekkies, including their willingness to buy any Star Trek-related merchandise, obsessive study of unimportant details of the show, and inability to have conventional social interactions with others or distinguish between fantasy and reality.I have to limit myself to one [convention] in the East and one in the West each year.The show is important psychologically and sociologically to a lot of people.For the unusual people at this convention, it's a big part of their lives, a help to them." There is a mythological component [to pop culture], especially with science fiction.

It’s people looking for answers – and science fiction offers to explain the inexplicable, the same as religion tends to do.The organizers expected 500 attendees at the "First International Star Trek Convention" but more than 3,000 came; Because Star Trek was set in the future the show did not become dated, and by airing during the late afternoon or early evening when other stations showed news programs it attracted a young audience.The reruns' great popularity—greater than when Star Trek originally aired in prime time—caused Paramount to receive thousands of letters each week demanding the show's return and promising that it would be profitable.Such depictions have helped popularize a view of devoted fans, not just of Star Trek, as potential fanatics.Reinforced by the well-known acts of violence by John Hinckley, Jr.The first fan convention devoted to the show occurred on 1 March 1969 at the Newark Public Library.