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They share the same father, Dan Scott, and even more tension as Lucas joins the Ravens varsity basketball team, on which Nathan was the star player.Nathan believes Lucas is intentionally doing this to take everything Nathan has from him: basketball and his girlfriend, Peyton.Nathan's transition has been noted as one of the most remarkable on One Tree Hill; he goes from your typical high school jerk to a man who'd do anything for the people he loves.

Eventually Haley and Nathan start falling for each other, but Lucas doesn't like the idea of it.Unfortunately for the couple, there is always drama.Though not yet together, Nathan screws up many chances to be with Haley.He apologizes constantly and the relationship eventually evolves, along with Nathan's character.Nathan struggles with his family and is losing faith in everything except his growing relationship with Haley.

During school, he decides to cut class and Haley ends up tagging along.

Nathan's mother, Deb Scott, is usually away on business trips, but has returned to rekindle the ties of the family.

Dan's pressure on Nathan is so heavy that at one basketball game, he turns to amphetamines to boost his performance.

Sadly, he collapses on the court and is sent to the hospital.

Dan does not accept the fact his son took drugs to up his game because of the pressure he himself had put on Nathan, and Deb realizes the jerk her husband really is.

Nathan is known as a very great father over the years to Jamie, and to his daughter, Lydia Bob Scott.