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Mario shoulders the responsibility for the daily preparation of the BSB which he transforms into an entertaining and informative tapestry that hits the airwaves.

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Jono’s radio career started in 1998 with Austereo and two years later he joined Sky Sports Radio.After stints with other commercial networks he returned to Sky Sports Radio as panel operator for the Big Sports Breakfast.Her character Anne had quite an eventful time in the show after arriving with her mother and twin brother Lance (Andrew Bibby).She was set up with Billy by her brother and friend Toadfish (Ryan Moloney) after the pair were too nervous to make the first move.After a successful international sporting career, Michael, affectionately known as ' Slats', deftly has swapped the cricket bat for the microphone.

Branching out of an 11-year cricket career embracing 74 tests and 42 one-day internationals for Australia, he has widened his sporting repertoire to many other arenas.

In his spare time Jono has proved to be talented in the voice over field and a fantastic host of the Monday to Friday 5am to 5.30 program, The Best of the Big Sports Breakfast.

The former soap star, who is now 35-year-old, was part of the long-running Australian series for four years between 19.

On the beach: Taylor Kinney and Brittany Sackett dated for over a year.

'He would give sweet gifts that were really meaningful and thoughtful,' Brittany says, ' like engraved necklaces with inside jokes on them, it was sweet.' He even took her home to Pennsylvania to meet his parents Sweet nothings: Brittany Sackett was in her bed when she answered a late night cell phone call from her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney.

He has also had roles in films such as Flourish, Tell-Tale and The Girl Is In Trouble.