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See your doctor or mental health professional if you fear and avoid normal social situations because they cause embarrassment, worry or panic.

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While an overarching study of stressed out teens has yet to be compiled, it is easy to estimate that most every teen in the United States has felt some sort of stress, and many are stressed out.And as an indication of the overlooked nature of teen stress it is estimated that around 10 percent of all teens suffer from an anxiety disorder.In Baltimore, teens were interviewed as part of a study “Confronting Teen Stress, Meeting the Challenge in Baltimore City”, which looked at levels of teen stress. In summary, boys more often used the tools of avoidance and distraction while girls looked for support and actively tried to reduce their stress.Girls also said they experienced more stress then boys, stemming largely from their relationships with boys and friendships with girls.The peer pressures of having a partner and becoming intimately involved are difficult to deal with so early in life.

Breaking up is a difficult situation to deal with too, which can bring about feelings of inadequacy, rejection, and loneliness.

Teenagers from a dysfunctional home life where abuse or alcoholism are problems can suffer from extreme stress. When they do not receive this from their safe place, they may take the stress of home, bring it to school, and act out.

The University of South Carolina points to dating as a highly stressful aspect of adolescence.

More and more cities and school districts are starting to look at teen stress.

Some are developing programs for teachers and families to help determine stressful situations and how to teach healthy stress relieving tactics.

Avoidance and aggression can be unhealthy while exercise and keeping a journal concerning your stress are healthy outlets.