Speed dating date dash

There are so many single people on their own that would like to date.

) Unfortunately we have no way to check who is attending our events and were not made aware of this issue until after the event had finished.If you have any further questions or would like to discuss this further please contact me on [email protected] I think the events are already very good so I give a five star.I didn't get any matches but I had a fun evening.The host Rob was very friendly and the event ran smoothly. I hate the pleasure to attend an event organized by Rob and it was an absolute pleasure to be part of it.The day before the event or possibly even the day of the event he contacts me again asking if I can book his friend in (the one that came with him to One Kew Road).

I said that unfortunately he would need to book a ticket for this event as he took part in the Speed Dating event and wasn't owed anything.

The host made was really friend and made sure everyone felt welcome.

The event was well organized and the venue was lovely. I recommend anyone who is looking to get out of their comfort zone and to meet new people just to build up thier confident this is a great way to get started.

Of course, this was declined as it was his choice to leave the event and I was actually doing him a favor by offering to transfer his ticket. But I was not very pleased that some of the men who participated in last Saturday's speed dating event were not single (they had girlfriends/partners) and those men were just there as part of their stag do. Hey Tania, Thank you for leaving a 5 star review about our Speed Dating events but we are sorry to hear about your recent experience with the 'stag do' that attended our event.

He then flipped at me and accused me of lying saying that the reason he left is because there were not enough women (he left 15 minutes before the event started) he then accused me of overselling tickets, making things up and all sorts of nonsense and shortly after posted this review which is complete rubbish! This is a very rare situation (infact, it's never happened before and doubt it will again!

He arrived with a friend at about pm he looked around at the ladies that were already there (maybe 6-7 women at this stage) and made a disrespectful comment to me saying 'they're all old dogs, i'm not feeling it' he said that he wanted to leave and go to another event instead.