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Something, that at a young age, society has taught him, is unable to happen.

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Black men go through so much growing up, just as black women do, but they must one day become the head, the provider, the one that "handles the business." I believe having so much weight put on them as black boys and having the fear of unacceptance, they would not want their future life to carry any of that weight.

For example, having interracial babies could heighten his children's chances of being accepted into this corrupt society that he was not accepted into.

I guess some of us could argue and say, “Black men give back to their community.” Okay, sure, many of them give back to their communities but not intellectually, mainly financially, and that is a problem.

When are we, as a black community, going to realize, money and materials is not everything.

Agree or disagree but the truth is, it is about self-hate and the feeling of acceptance.

I do not mean black men hate being black but it can be many reasons that causes self-hate.

Generally speaking, black women value black men but black men do not value black women as much as they would a White, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American woman.

When I realized it is not the women with the problem, it became clear to me that it is the men.

This painted picture's main element is stereotypes.

Every black person is not the same physically or mentally, which is true for any race, but for some reason society does not give the black race room to breathe because everyone holds blacks to a societal, stereotypical standard.

Is it because the way the media portrays black women?