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The group considers women’s sports “un-Islamic.” Apparently, however, they believe that Allah is OK with killing women who play.

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Al-Shabaab is a military group linked to Al-Qaeda that controls large areas of Somalia.In early October, the group claimed responsibility for an attack in Mogadishu that killed 70 people.Second, you are representing the military club who are puppets for the infidels.So we are targeting you wherever you are.”The team is training for the Arab Games in Qatar at the Somali police academy’s basketball court, which offers a degree of safety.Of course, that popularity is why al-Shabaab has been threatening players.

Somalia is in the midst of a horrible famine that already has killed thousands of people.

As much as I love basketball, I would give it up in an instant if my life were at stake.

But the power of determination in countries that face death at every turn breeds the kind of passion for life that free people can never understand.

She had befriended the Somali men after buying cannabis from them and it was not long before the gang were using her flat to sell drugs and have sex with her.

The local authority, which cannot be named, launched a serious case review to discover why the girl, described as having a chaotic life, had been left almost unsupervised by social workers even though staff had “very real concerns” about her.

Gang members used colourful nicknames such as Left Eye, Magic and Trigger to impress teenage girls in Bristol who were groomed for so long they believed sexual abuse was simply another part of a loving relationship they thought they had with the men.