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She later participated in composing "One Black Night" for Wonder Girls' third album Reboot.

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:'( Why can't it be that she remain alive to fight against her grandpa Dae Mok!?!?I'm so sad that my wish for Hwa-Goon to become the Queen and be beside the Crown Prince to support him won't happen. You really made a mark for your role as Kim Hwa-Goon! =) Looking forward for more K-Drama with you as one of the starring role!In July 2014, Yeeun made her debut as a solo artist with the EP Me? In January 2007, Yeeun was revealed as the fifth member of Wonder Girls. She also composed several songs in the Wonder Girls' recent albums such as "G. O (Girl's Night Out)" from their sophomore album and "Wonder World".In addition to that, Yeeun also helped to compose and write the lyric of several song for other artists such as "Get It?I completely agree with Ayushi Jain's thoughts Hwa Gun is the character who I loved the most. She shows love at one time and competency another time. She gave hint to Ga Eun that Crown Prince is not the real culprit behind her father's death. Her Magnificent acting is one of a kind and she doesn't make me bored with her character.

Week after week she keeps bring new flavors to her character and I love it.

I hope So-Hee's career will grow well and successful.. Keep excelling I learned to love Kim Hwa-Goon(Yoon So-Hee ) when, undoubtedly she is willing to sacrifice everything for the love of Crown Prince (Yoo Seung-Ho) .

I became So-Hee's fan with her beauty, brains and attitude.. She did lots of efforts and courage to take part in helping the Crown Prince to succeed in all his mission to help the people of Joseon to the point of saving his life as well even if it means disowning his own grandfather Dae Mok.

I don't know why,but I have a feeling Kim so hyun is still cute girl to acting those roles. And I think chemistry between Kim Myungsoo & Kim so hyun chemistry will great,because even they have a age gap they looking so cute together. Whenever Yoon So Hee smiles, she reminds me of Kim Yoo Jung. Why is she not offered a leading role is beyond my mind as there are lots of bad actress and idols who are offered as a lead.

She is definitely in the league of good actress that deserve it.

Lastly, she shows us week after week how to love someone without being creepy lol ? I just discovered this girl while watching 12 year reunion and she is gorgeous! Oh my God every time she was on the screen I would be just drooling. Hope she's a good and humble person too in real life!