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The practice conjures images of women desperate to marry out of failing economies; and of unappealing American men looking for a traditional (read: submissive) mate to keep the house clean.

Not surprisingly, the growing industry is attempting to shine up its reputation.

For now, Anastasia Date is making a big push to go mainstream with its current model, as mainstream as courting younger foreign women from underperforming economies can really get, that is. presence, hiring more Americans and opening a New York office.

Early this year, the Moscow-based company hired Brooks, who is a prominent online dating industry consultant, to head up its growth strategy. It brought on a Manhattan-based PR firm and says it will spend more than million on marketing this year.

(Her name being the same as the site’s is a coincidence.) Premium international dating is a new name for what’s traditionally referred to as the mail-order bride business. It now has four million users, who cumulatively spend some 360 million hours on the site per year. According to market research firm Experian Marketing Services, the top 10 premium international dating sites drew 12.2 million visits in March.

And thanks to people like me willing to pay to talk with beautiful young women like Anastasia — who was paid to respond — the trade is doing pretty well. That’s a 29% uptick from March of last year — a huge increase compared to the rest of the relatively stagnant online dating industry.And there are also worries that women who travel to a new country through such services will be particularly vulnerable to abuse.Though most conversations will end online, when international online dating leaves the realm of the virtual, there can be real safety risks.A pair of high-profile murders of foreign brides prompted the enactment of federal legislation in 2005 to protect women brought to the U. “It was designed to provide a very high level of comfort and safety to female members of international dating sites, which is, of course, of utmost importance to us.” The law mandates that agencies perform background checks and provide immigrant women with information about their rights.However, proponents say the laws’ enforcement is sometimes lacking. (“He seemed semi-alive.”) The other assumed she was a prostitute.The 23-year-old Ukrainian is gamely answering questions in our private Internet chat room, which is costing me about a buck a minute. She’s sending me emoticons and even wants to know what I would title a book that was based on my life.