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He visits to pubhop and see his wife dance with young males.

Pradeep and Ashraf get paid Rs 2,000 each per day to provide stimulating company to his wife. Empowered by rising incomes, many city women see no reason not to taste the forbidden fruit or flash some eye candy on their arm at plush pubs and hotel club lounges.

For these middle-class youth, the lure of earning around Rs 15,000 a month in return for sex is irresistible.

These were mostly middle-class youth, still studying or fresh out of college.

Says Humsafar Chairman Ashok Row Kavi: "The commodification of sex has reached a crescendo." Unlike professional gigolos, the call-boy brigade doesn't look at sex as a career option but treats it like another way of making easy money.

Pradeep, 19, a college student, and Ashraf, 21, a film extra, claim to be have been picked up many times by married men with bisexual tendencies.

In some cases, the clients just want something kinky, like the middle-aged hotelier from Jaipur who regularly comes to Mumbai along with his young wife.

His message reads: "Satisfaction guaranteed for your wildest fantasies." He describes himself as a "hunk of the first order with great virility". Never on weekends, though, because that is when he meets his girlfriend.

"I am a healthy young man with a healthy sexual drive," Akram declares. A college drop-out, Akram works in his uncle's construction company.Hasina Chandiramani, a jewellery designer, is juggling two lovers at the moment, lavishing them with designer Italian suits, fancy Lebanese meals and portable MP3 players.She usually keeps them hooked with such tokens but occasionally she pays cash (Rs 1,000-10,000) for a night of pleasure.In the random sampling survey, 6,000 males were interviewed of which 20 per cent youth (in the 14-30 age-group) admitted they hawked sex as just any other commodity to make money.The report indicates that 57 per cent of them reported bisexual behaviour and the average earning of 64 per cent was Rs 6,000 a month.The company was launched on 1 April 2011 by Aditya Chopra, key member of Yash Raj Films who revealed that their company would float a new film studio, Y-Films, which would concentrate on introducing fresh talent.