Sex chat in lagos

“Nneka and all her friends, who are also ‘runs babes’ have their own cars,” she said.

Eric Dumo Agatha Chukwuma almost flew out of her skin when she made the discovery recently.Twenty-one and in search of a better future, she was ferried to Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, six months ago by an uncle from her native Orlu in Imo State.The video only showed Sambola allegedly encouraging his female partner (face up) to do the recording while in the midst of the act.The sex tape was posted on a social media chat room administered by some members of the ruling Unity Party (UP).Apart from boasting of two cars – a Toyota Corrolla (Sport) and a Lexus RX330 sports utility vehicle, both valued at over N4m, Elizabeth as she is originally named, lives in a three-bedroomed apartment in the Lekki Phase One area of the city where the annual rent is not less than N2m.

She shares the apartment with three other friends, who are also in the business of using their ‘natural endowments’ to make way for themselves.The word ‘runs girl’, is a term used to describe prostitutes, who rather than standing by roadsides or operating from brothels, prefer to connect and service clients either through pimps or one-on-one meetings – physical or via the social media.They are easily noticed from the crowd through their dressing, expensive hair styles and the type of smartphones they carry. While narrating how shocked she was upon finding out that the cousin she looked up to and aspired to be like in the near future was a prostitute, Chukwuma told that the two days she spent on VI, changed her perception about many things.The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, when the tape became public, claimed that their preliminary investigation gathered that the recording was done a long time before it was posted, though it did not disclose the time, claiming, "It was released recently when the two reportedly engaged in a misunderstanding." Court documents alleged that Sambola's action violates section 13.7 of the Penal Law of the country.The record also alleged that the video recording showed the lady performing fellatio (oral sex) on defendant Sambola, with said material appearing on Facebook social media platform. Distributed by All Africa Global Media (all“The type of company I keep is not common and that is why I am not cheap,” Liz told our correspondent, who reached out to her through the help of a pimp at popular Lagos night club –Quilox.