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Following the plane crash — which brought on the deaths of Mark (Eric Dane) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and the amputation of Arizona's (Jessica Capshaw) leg — "I think the writers felt the audience needed a break, so Episode 4 is really fun," Mc Kidd tells They may still love each other, but there might just be too much hurt going on."All my other episodes have been quite intense, so it's been really fun to break out of that. There might just be too much baggage to really be able to heal or rebuild.

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Jason George: Honestly, that's like half the cast! [Laughs]Justin Chambers: The wedding between Izzy and Alex. Also, "Katie Heigl, Sandra Oh—all of them just kind of fell into place. He'll think he's happy, but suddenly she'll walk through the doors one day, and he'll go, 'Oh s--t,' and I'm going to have to divorce my wife that I married now, and it will explode my whole life because you're the one! She has notes all over her scripts, and then Chandra rearranges them! Who is the cast member that's always on their phone? The storyline or moment you most enjoyed watching: Scott Foley: Watching Cristina and Owen's relationship, although the Calzona relationship is the most interesting to me. Chandra Wilson: Bailey giving birth to her son and the va-jay-jay term being introduced. __ *"Jim Pickens got cast as soon as we read him," admits Lowy. You work with these people for so long, they do sort of become like family. Also, during my run there, I was in tears at the table read when Cristina had to tell Owen that she didn't want a baby. Justin Chambers: They're all pretty shocking, but off the top of my head, it was the shooting. Sara Ramirez: The shooter in the season-six finale. [The episode that make you cry the most: Scott Foley (Henry Burton): If you go way back when Denny died, it broke my heart. But I guess that's good because you did your job."The episode that shocked you the most: Jason George: The airplane crash. And then the Super Bowl episode as well, probably because we weren't sure we could pull off something that big. James Pickens Jr.: Richard getting electrocuted was pretty shocking, but probably the shooter episode and the bomb. Cristina Yang may have built her esteemed career by mending hearts, but she's also been known to break a few here and there.

Chiefly ours, when she bid adieu to "Grey's Anatomy" after 10 straight seasons of being the resident rock star of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital dating back to its Seattle Grace days. Sandra Oh, the actress who played Yang for so many years, is real-life pals with Kevin Mc Kidd, a.k.a. Owen Hunt, her on-and-off-and-on-and-off-again love interest in the drama -- totes one of our favorite couplings, BTW, because steam grate.

She also shared her opinion of Hunt's new on-screen wife brain surgeon Dr Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone)."My TV husband has a new TV wife?? Former Grey's Anatomy executive producer and writer Tony Phelan was also part of the meeting that took place at Mistral in Studio City."The three of them spent the night catching up about many things, including Sundance and Doubt and Grey's," a rep for Phelan told EW.

Grey's Anatomy has been extended for a 13 season and will resume on ABC later this year.

"It's like that old phrase: The darkest hour is always before the dawn." Can the sun rise now, please?

"Meredith's journey will be really interesting as a mother.

He drinks about five Red Bulls throughout the day, I'm not even kidding.