Rrd graphs not updating who was taylor swift recently dating

if it still doesn't work then right click on a graph, copy the image url (not the url - needs to be the image url).

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2 centreon centreon 4096 May 3 perfdata drwxrwxr-x.

Because the servertime was running ahead the timestamps (the last update time) in the RRD files are in the future. Set the right time on the server if you have not done this yet.

What I noticed is that on Google Chrome the image handler does not even show at all. I have attached the debug files for your reference.

The PHP debug is here, https://dpaste.de/W7d2 and the SQL debug here https://dpaste.de/u V1t. Yup: "command returned 0 (ERROR: Unable to connect to rrdcached: No such file or directory )" You've got rrdcached configured but it's not allowing connections. COMMENT:'\n' CDEF:in B= CDEF:ou..." And then it says: "command returned 0 (ERROR: String ends after the = sign on 'CDEF:in B=' )" The whole paste is here: FBX7KT Hi @laf I am running a fresh install of Libre NMS on Ubuntu 16.04 and the issue with this Entersys switch has worsened a bit in a sense that the traffic graphs have disappeared again.

height=45&width=150&to=1469720700&device=2&type=device_bits&from=1469634300&legend=no&popup_title=&bg=FFFFFF00&debug=true**)does not work as it cuase webpage to timeout with the "Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in /opt/librenms/includes/php on line 131" error.

See below; Please let me know should you require further info.

I have an other error if i click on a graph : Reports works good but they doesn't display in graphs.

Hello, I'm looking in /var/lib/centreon/metrics and i saw that my rrd files are no longer update since the last update of Centreon.

2 centreon centreon 61440 May 3 centplugins drwxrwxr-x. 2 centreon centreon 253952 May 3 metrics drwxrwxr-x.

5 centreon centreon 4096 May 3 nagios-perf drwxrwxr-x.

My supervision works correctly but not graphics Uncaught Error: x is not defined for id = "data1".