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Though, this industry did not remain as booming as in the 17th century because in the 19th century (1840 to be precise) Royal Delft was the last factory standing.

The reasons for this decrease are mostly to be found in the competition from the English Wedgwood and European porcelain industry; the eastern porcelain was cheaper and a lack of innovation amongst the Delft potters.

This family run antique store has a huge collection of traditional Dutch items, including silverware, clocks and glasses.

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Het eerste bord is altijd een geschenk voor het Koningshuis.

Dit bord wordt genummerd en gelimiteerd uitgegeven en is te bestellen tot 27 april 2018.

This was not extremely difficult because 42 years later this industry was booming in Delft.

Royal Delft already had 32 competitors in that year.

Of course this was made possible by the high demand for the product and because of the decrease in beer breweries that were suited for transforming into earthenware factories.

However, the most important reason, was probably that in the 17th century China faced a civil war which decreased the import of porcelain.Its showroom on Prinsengracht is itself a marvel of Dutch design and is built inside a typical, Amsterdam townhouse.📍 Royal Delft is the oldest surviving producer of Delftware and has been casting pottery since 1653.Herinneringsbord voor de 50ste verjaardag van Koning Willem-Alexander.Het uitgeven van herinneringsborden is een lange traditie bij Royal Delft.Peacock Symphony van Royal Delft is een veelzijdig servies voor zowel het dagelijks gebruik als voor formele diners. Verkrijgbaar vanaf 1 december Handgemaakt sinds 1653Royal Delft is de enig in Delft overgebleven producent van Delfts Blauw sinds de 17e eeuw.