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Despite not selling as well as their previous two albums, peaking at number two in the United Kingdom and later certified Platinum there for shipping over 300,000 copies.

The Spice Girls recorded their Christmas single, "Goodbye" in July 1998, during the North American leg of their Spiceworld Tour.Once again, the girls teamed up with Stannard and Rowe.Which translates here into ballads and a huge dose of R&B-lite.It all sounds very professional, though only a hardcore fan can deny that the bloom is definitely off the rose." A positive review came from Sputnikmusic, opining: "With Forever the Spice Girls showed that every pop act has its lifespan.The five good songs on Forever can carry the album but not quite." "Holler" and "Let Love Lead the Way" were chosen to serve as the lead single from Forever.

Released as a double A-side single, it charted at number-one on the UK Singles Chart and became the Spice Girls' ninth number-one single in the United Kingdom.They sound a bit tired and their hearts were not in the album.Forever also shows what could have been if they really gave it their all and made an album that was truly them.The Will County Sheriff's Office is presenting a series of maps showing locations of warrants/offenders and corresponding data with dates, types of warrants, locations, charges, etc.This data is being presented in best possible fashion and may be subject to error or change due to: Neither the Will County Sheriff's Office nor the County of Will guarantee (either expressly written or implied) the accuracy, completeness, or correct geocoding of the data being presented.During the Spiceworld Tour in early 1998, the group took on an initial project to write and record songs for a possible third album and a live album.