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Naturally, you're working overtime to find genius camera angles that make your 100% platonic poses with those hot pals look like there's just a hint of ~something more~ between you. IT MUST BE A SECRET MESSAGE TO YOU BECAUSE YOU TOLD THEM YOU LIKED PURPLE THAT ONE TIME. Unfollowing them briefly feels satisfying, but soon not having them on your Facebook feed creates feelings of mild panic and you simply .

Except now, instead of making you feel better, that flood of pity-laced texts asking what went down is making you want to hide under the covers for a week straight." is the perfect caption for your kickass ex-taunting cleavage and winged eyeliner, obvi.Last night when you and your BFFs were riding a pop music-fueled high of "who needs exes anyway," they egged you into unfriending them. You'd like to be civil pals with them someday, but instead of waiting until that moment of future closure-filled dignity to re-friend them, you choose right now, when the two of you are in still in the middle of a messy back-and-forth. You can't even endorse random college acquaintances' Excel skills without being reminded of your lost love.Tim kept talking about how great my mood was, how lively I seemed, and how this made him feel closer to me. I was wearing bright blue pants, tan boots and a loose sheer white tee. When we were outside waiting for a cab, I tried to be flirtatious with him, but he seemed distant, and we parted ways. Tim became worked up about it, and how he didn’t enjoy it. Jessie called me “sensitive” about five times during the dinner. It’s become especially hard after she quit the project last week. She’s a smart girl, she looked great, and I found myself wondering “what if.” I couldn’t help but text her today. I often feel as if I am walking on egg shells around him, which can be stressful. I’m happy I’ve stayed in touch with almost all my ex-boyfriends. However, I felt guilty about texting her and I stopped the conversation. Here’s what I received: How do you feel about this relationship/project right now?

As he was putting on his jacket to leave, he goes up to her, gently sets his hand on her shoulder, and says, “I just want to tell you that you have beautiful eyebrows.” He continues quickly, “And the only reason I can even tell you something like that is because I’m leaving right now and you won’t think I’m hitting on you.” Before she could even say “thank you” he promptly exits, leaving her unexpectedly blushing, smiling, and laughing. If I’m thinking about other women, then something must be wrong. An hour later, after a great conversation, I left having exchanged numbers. Later that night he texted me saying, “You’re welcome.” How do you feel about this relationship/project right now? ) And here I am, by myself, while they slide down to ask me who the hell my crazy friend was.And feeling instant regret upon realizing how embarrassingly vengeful that looked.Vaguebooking should really be a crime in all fifty states.Like, you're not even wondering what they ate for lunch yesterday or what they're listening to on Spotify right now. They were a part of your life once, so of course they float into your head now and then, but you can actually go an entire day without thinking of them. Can you even recall if you're Facebook friends anymore?