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The victors, Kate Cathcart, 24, and Darren Donaghey, 29, from Newcastle have been awarded a two-week holiday in Greece as a result of being, according to judges at Metro Radio, fundamentally unsuitable for one another.

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The study also explored the ‘value’ of love, with one in 20 respondents admitting they would consider breaking up with a partner for hard cash.The average figure it would take to break up a relationship came to £188,686, enough to buy an Aston Martin DB9 Bond Edition with plenty to spare.Or is she the purveyor of a chain of slaughterhouses and he a militant animal rights activist and fruitarian?The answer is (c) – none of the above – for it transpires that the reason Kate and Darren are considered newsworthy is…drum roll please…It’s a comeback of the cult 2002 original, hosted by Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan.

But with so many men punching above their weight it’s no surprise that nearly a third of men say looks are most important to them in a relationship, compared to less than a quarter of women.One in 10 Brits would rather be in a relationship with someone more attractive than them, with two thirds of them saying it would boost their self-esteem, and a quarter would enjoy making others jealous.Michelle Greensmith, 33, and Craig Bignall, 34, met when Craig took the head chef job at the bar where Michelle worked, and they’ve been in a relationship for 18 months.I’d like to ‘wear my Earnest hat’ for a second and reflect on what a sad indictment of our visually obsessed culture this whole sorry saga is.It’s sad that the competition exists in the first place.Although one in five respondents said they’d consider leaving their other half for £100 or less.