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By creating Gleeden, we wanted to return a social freedom to people in relationships, as a central figure in our social network.Gleeden was born from one simple fact: on the internet, many people in a relationship don't have the freedom to be honest about their marital status.

You can get in touch with people throughout the world, and reveal your marital status with complete sincerity. Gleeden came into being when the internet revolution met the liberalization of the traditional couple.

Want to have an intimate conversation with a stranger? The desire to meet new people, the simple accessibility of the internet, and liberation (not just for women, but now for couples), are modern realities that led to a very real human need for Gleeden’s freedom.

You can create your account on Gleeden's home page: Follow the posted instructions at each stage of registration.

Provide a username, your date of birth, place of residence (country, post code, town), a valid email address, and then read and validate the user conditions of our site.

You will then be able to access the site and benefit from the tools offered on Gleeden.

In order to obtain the best search results with your new account, you have to complete your profile and upload a photo by clicking on the link labeled "My Profile" on the navigation bar, and click the tab "My Book" and then " Your email address is necessary to verify your profile.

Gleeden is a social network where each member has a personal responsibility.

You meet, chat and interact with other members to find whatever you may be looking for. On Gleeden, we set you free to explore your desires...

Never before has a dating site removed all borders!

To find a member from another country, click "Search" on the navigation bar.

You can opt out of these emails by changing your " If you want to use an anonymous email address, separate from your personal or professional one, you can create a free email using various online providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Voila ...).