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Earlier this year, Twitch rolled out the Affiliate Program, which presents a large proportion of streamers with an in-platform way to monetise their channels.

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Here she suggests there's a sense of "not knowing what to say to a naked girl" in cam chats, creating a dynamic where some viewers want to watch without interacting in any way.Monroe feels that cam sites typically have a better sense of what the performer wants in terms of payouts, customer service and reliability, and that they're better at ensuring audience accountability.The cheered streamer gets $US0.01 per bit, which cost about $US0.013 to buy from the platform.By putting an in-house tip system within the reach of a larger number of users, Twitch has laid the groundwork for more streamers -- not just Twitch partners -- to monetise their performance.Camming has been around since webcams existed, much longer than the concept of streaming games -- My Free Cams, one of the largest cam sites currently in operation, was launched in 2002.

Twitch's predecessor,, didn't launch until 2007.

She gets anxious before going on stream, just like she does before going on cam, and feels she has to establish a rapport with the people in the chat, regardless of the platform.

Monroe currently receives tips from her streaming outside of the bits system but says that she doesn't make much from it.

But like streaming, camming is also about much more than that.

Fans tune in because they want to interact with and support performers, just like they would for their favourite Twitch streamers.

In Monroe's estimation, most of her Twitch followers come from the audience she built while camming.