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One good thing he covered was pupil it relates to attraction.He covers mirroring body language..a way I personally did not find to be the best way to cover it.All in all,a valuable product,and an antidote to the lack of real information in contemporary society which seems mainly to teach you nothing about dating,or teaches you crap that is useless. Many excellent interviews and a good way to discover new upcoming gurus you should check out, or simply get their main ideas for free (well, for the price of your subscription).

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He mentions things that he teaches, but I guess you dont want this interview to get any of that since it isnt really covered.

I know that many interviews are supposed to be subtle sales pitches for their own products, but this is pretty strong.

One friend of his was so sick of flakes that he would flake first,rearranging at the last minute,drove his dates wild and they didn't flake later.

DD himself realised that often by not pressing for a meetup but being friendly and then hanging up,women would be keen to meet later. Shawn Royster,not a guru I ever heard of elsewhere,gives the advice that telling a girl with beautiful eyes that she has the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen,is cretinous and pointless,as she's heard it a billion times from nervous losers,she'll say thank you and move on.

................................................................................................................ Most people have gone on a blind date, or have at least entertained or thought about going on one.

But many don't expect some of history's greatest thinkers and innovators to be concerned about such a thing.One factor involved is that yesterdays most notable people didn't have today's social madness going on.There wasn't apps for dating, there was no Tinder, no Grinder, or J Date or E Harmony, people actually had to take themselves out the house to meet people.Many of his stories are useful and even applicable.On the Marie interview DD mentions 2 antiflake tales.Occasionally you get a sub-par guru and it's a waste of time, but it doesn't happen that often. Still, the production quality is high overall, and De Angelo was good about dropping in the occasional double CD bonus.