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Sakurajima became linked to the mainland by the deposition of volcanic material following a major eruption in 1914. The city of Ishinomaki was one of the hardest hit when a powerful tsunami swept ashore on 21 March 2011.This satellite image is from three days later, when water still inundated the city. Plant-covered land is red, exposed earth is tan, and the city is silver.

Officials offered classes in basic English and etiquette to encourage women to sell themselves more effectively and earn more money. war in Vietnam helped transform Thailand’s Pattaya Beach into one of the world’s largest red-light districts.

“They urged us to sell as much as possi­ble to the G. military.” There was indeed considerable competition for GI dollars in Okinawa, South Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. Within three months of the start of the Korean War, Okinawan authorities created the Yaejima Approved Prostitution Zone, and by 1969, 7,400 women—about 2 percent of all Okinawan females between ten and sixty years old—were involved in prostitution around the bases. It was a favored spot for R&R, or, as some called it, I&I—intoxication and intercourse. official at the embassy in Seoul told me, describing the time when he’d been stationed in Korea in the early 1980s.

The heart of the city is brightest, with ribbons of lights radiating outward from the center along streets and railways.

The regularly spaced bright spots along one of the ribbons heading almost due west out of the downtown area are train stations along a public transit route.

The lights of Tokyo are a cooler blue-green color than in many other world cities.

The color results from the more widespread use of mercury vapor lighting as opposed to sodium vapor lighting, which produces an orange-yellow light. This high-oblique, northeast-looking space shuttle photograph captures a portion of Southern Honshu Island and Shikoku Island of Japan.

This photograph, taken from the International Space Station, highlights one of Japan's most active volcanoes.

Sakurajima began forming approximately 13,000 years ago; prior to 1914, it was an island in Kagoshima Bay.

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The darker areas show volcanic, mountainous terrain that comprises more than 80 percent of Japan; the lighter, more highly reflective areas of the coastal plains and valleys are urban and agricultural areas. Fuji on the island of Honshu as seen from the space shuttle.