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Here is offered a sampling of what the Regency soldier, officer and enlisted alike, at home and abroad, would likley have experienced at mealtimes, both on a daily basis and for special ocasions. To prepare the spices in the method of the Regency cook, powder the ginger and turmeric with a fine grater; pound the other spices in a heavy mortar and pestle. For those from rural England, prior to taking the King's shilling, it would have been a frequent visitor to the table.As a modern convenience, you can use a coffee or spice grinder. chicken, whole or jointed 6 - 8 L/6-8 qts, water 2 large cooking onions, chopped 1 m L/1/4 tsp. It is easily prepared from what might be on hand, requires little in the way of seasonings, and is easily done over a campfire in either a cauldron or the smaller cooking pots that Riflemen were issued.

Two more Korean cruises were made in USS Valley Forge in 1951-52, then USS Boxer and USS Lake Champlain in 1953.

After Korea, VF-111 flew the F9F-8 Cougar and the FJ-3 Fury for three deployments to the Western Pacific aboard the carriers USS Lexington, USS Wasp, and USS Bennington. On 20 January 1959, Attack Squadron 156 (VA-156) was redesignated as VF-111, thus continuing the Sundowner tradition, but not the unit lineage.

Often recipes allow the cook to add various ingredient which may be available at hand producing many variations of the dish.

Flowers from Broom and Sweet violet were often used.

VF-11A equipped with F8F Bearcats was assigned to Carrier Air Group 11 (CVG-11) aboard the USS Valley Forge for her world cruise from 9 October 1947 to 11 June 1948 On 9 November 1950, early in the Korean War, Lieutenant Commander William T.

Amen scored the first combat jet-on-jet kill in aviation history, downing a Soviet Mi G-15 while flying a F9F Panther from the USS Philippine Sea.

From April to July 1943 VF-11 downed 55 enemy aircraft in aerial combat at Guadalcanal. From then until February 1945 the squadron engaged in strike and air-to-air combat missions resulting in the shoot down of 102 enemy aircraft with dozens more destroyed on the ground.

As a direct result of its combat record, the squadron was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation.

He also lacked the funds that would allow him to fully partake of all that the mess had to offer. Mulaga means pepper and tawny (tanni) means water or broth, hence "peppery broth" is a good translation. If beef or ham-bone are not to be had for stewing with the vegetables, lamb shank or oxtail or neck bones will suffice.

He was much more likely to join his fellow Riflemen around the campfire to partake of their simple meals, cheap drink and good company. To get the freshest taste, prepare the spices only when you need them. Hotch-potch or Hodge Pot is one of those homey meals that the typical Regency soldier would be familiar with and would have carried the knowledge of with him wherever he was sent.

But mainly, the mess provided somewhere to relax and unwind with their peers. - It will be a great improvement, when the fowl is about half boiled, to take it up and cut it into pieces, and fry them and put them into the soup the last thing." "* The pod of which Cayenne pepper is made." ** Composed of cumin, coriander and mustard to accompany cayenne, ginger, tumeric and black pepper. William Kitchiner, , (London: John Hatchard, Picadilly, 2nd edition, 1818), page 335, number 249. Kitchiner (c1775 - 1827) was a physician and a gourmet who, in his preface, claimed to "endeavour to hold the balance even, between the agreeable and the wholesome, and the Epicure and the Economist" throughout his career, including in this cookery book. Fry other chopped onion in butter until transparent, 5 to 10 minutes.