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H: changing the rules you can kill people, changing the rules facts,. Im saying in war youre allowed to kill people nobody goes to jail right? I think it’s a waste of time but its just good practice.

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[multivitamin, calcum, omega oil,] which is which man.. got 20 euros call bundle, sms bundle, international bundle. something gets pressed says finishing & theres a cancel underneath, press cancel.. 30 min [leaving dining room] The finland lady [on faccebook] wants to see the dog.. framing the frame G: I don’t like frames in frames H: 2 seconds outside G: no coz they’ll see where we are.. If its fnishing & says cancel press cancel so it wont fnish.. H: I’ll do it [take oiive oil back] G: no leave it man its ok.. hurry hurry H: drink fast G: I feel bad cause she’s being tolerant but I know she doesn’t like it.. Lets ask gim to stay with us, to save us G”don’t whisper cause they cant hear you.. if I feel wronged, as evidence, [points to facebook live phone] & they’ll behave too , they’ll be like oh its live they’ll be like shut that thing off H: could be ggreat if apple had a device to replace the iphone camera G: Does this have wifi? Oh shit lets go, I hate ths time pressure, it’s like james bond bombs exploding or something.. I tried it in America right, it was 98 a month or something, for unlimited standard definition better than nothing, just good for emergencies, you know, trouble, to be able to get on facebook live, coz its gonna happen, I can just see it, someones gonna fuck w me, even the police, if they do something wrong, if somebody wrongs you, that’s the only way to get it out there quickly, im gonna have that on.. I’m putting it here coz I cant yell coz theres people there & I’m gonna be too loud if i start throwing my voice & making it good audio.fava over here..

Just the idea, something coming out of a chickens quim, is a little offputting to say the least.. is t too narrow, [mic cover handling noise -] As long as im in there oh my god its all narrow now.. remember eating everything youre helping someone in africa.. it’s a slow news day today, there/s people toda,y we gotta keep it down.. G:fuck the cheap we don’t need cheap H: I want to be G: Tortured H: 100 euros G: hughhhhh! 100 euros taxi costs more to go to the airport almost & back.. Hehe have some where’s the camera this side or that side? h: listen I go earlier I can go any other trip you suggest, later there can be problems.. lets discuss after how much is it to warsaw Katowice.. I hate this thing so much because anything you press fucks it up, you cant touch anything, anything I’ll put it here now so okay? I apologize if you are getting emails from me asking you to join Zorpia or worse, see a message from me. The ones where someone has lost his or her passport and needs money wired over. They have my email address from my daughter, and now they are trying to get me to do something or get further access to my account.