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Furthermore, you can take advantage of plugins in browsers like Google Chrome that disable scripts you don't want and keep you informed of your computer's interactions with the websites you visit. If you don't find yourself video-chatting too often, it might be a step worth taking.

But if you're really concerned about privacy, a multi-pronged defense is the best course of action.

But more troublingly, he had also planted the spyware on the systems of strangers across the country, proving that proximity isn't required to infiltrate someone's system.

But while hacking using trojan horse viruses is the most malicious way to infiltrate a system, shifty websites sometimes use basic techniques that take advantage of human behavior patterns.

Knowing this, clickjackers create an invisible button over that area, connected to a script that activates the camera.

You know how your browser asks if it can have permission to use your webcam and audio?

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Well, imagine that dialog screen is invisible and the "yes" button is placed directly over the spot you'd click.

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