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“I’m uncomfortable in my own skin, so I want to change it.” It takes fandom to the ultimate, pathetic degree. Maureen Lipman, actress I hate tattoos, except on young Maori men.

“I love my boyfriend – until the split, when I have to go back to the parlour and get a giant skull tattooed over his name.” Tattoos are an attempt to freeze a moment in aspic; to have permanence in a body that changes, grows, adapts. I believe they’re banned in our religion, but I could be wrong.

The mantra for older women should be “less is more”.

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The award recognised her highly original work in the fields of geometry and dynamical systems, citing “her outstanding contributions to the dynamics and geometry of Riemann surfaces and their moduli spaces”.No other woman has won the prize, which is awarded every four years by the International Congress of Mathematicians to up to four mathematicians under 40, an age at which many women are re-entering the workplace after having children.Like most things, tramp stamps do not get more desirable with age.A tortoise tattooed on the shoulder looks no better at 65 than at 15.Felicity Kendal shows a worrying desire to fiddle endlessly with her appearance, sometimes with rather tragic results.

When she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, her mouth looked like a deep-sea creature gasping for food, so at least it’s good to hear she has given up on messing about with Botox.Lucy Worsley, historian It’s sometimes said that today only two unforgivable crimes remain: racism and a failure to re-cycle your plastic.Adultery, drug-dealing, murder and so on may be blamed on a difficult childhood.Far from being outré, tattoos are becoming middle class.Helen Mirren has a symbol on her left thumb and Samantha Cameron a dolphin on her ankle. And is there an age limit on when it is appropriate to “get inked”?Like heraldry, or fashionable trainers, a tattoo shows how its owner fits into a hierarchical world.