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(Any game with orcs in it, anyway.) Really great fap material!

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I...don't feel like typing out what's gonna happen to you next...cause I'm sure you WILL know even MORE if you buy this voice drama...lolol? There was a point when a track from Beauty and the beast played that was so fitting I guffawed.

I, as of writing this review, haven't listened to the whole track list yet, cause I'm scared for my life..if you're a fan of vore, I think you'll like this.

Along the way he introduces himself as Darjeeling, the demon..this point, you should have been long gone, but ya gurl is feelin' funky so she's not thinking straight.

Oh, and he also placed a spell on you fall asleep..dun dun??

This voiced set of tracks is very simple and nothing goes too over the top.

The description basically gives you the basic spoils of the set and if you're just feeling in the mood for something soft, I would say this is pretty nice to listen to.Overall, this is REALLY one of those voice dramas where you're here for the story...Kei has a very nice and calm voice for a butche- I mean, temporary boy...friend?? And he does dote and spoil you before you're fully....the sound effects..classical music..all very nice and fitting..I found myself completly uningaged with any of them, and didn't care.Of course, theres only 10 chapters at this point so I haven't given up yet.I bought it mostly for the whispers and ear nibbles, but you'll definitely get better treatment than that.