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Your information is kept private and isn’t shared on social media unlike other dating sites.Membership, viewing profiles and connecting is all part of the fun.As we quickly found - there are a lot of startup directory.In fact my research found over 100 startup directories, and I'm sure there are more.We offer expert matchmaking, scientific compatibility testing, photo profiling and headhunting to maximise your success and match you with the most compatible person.

Her Smile is an award nominated, boutique dating site.Safety, information and intention are the three most occurring issues people face when meeting a potential partner online and Her Smile was created as a solution to these barriers.It is the only relationship site to assure the intention behind an introduction. Dating is easier, simplified and there aren’t any crazy fees.Additionally, who knows, maybe some VC will be looking through one of these one day and come across our startup. There are pretty fundamental things you are going to need to know about your product.You might not need all of these, but if you have them all handy you'll be good to go.If you really want to go through these - prepare for an entire day to be sacked. I'm going to highlight the one that sent us the most traffic and conversions.