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“I remember as a youngster being there when he unloaded that.At that time it was only on a four-car carrier,” recalled Parsons, a resident of Raleigh, N. “When the car came in, the first thing the guy that bought it wanted was the tires taken off — all four tires.and basically sold those in like 1995 or 1998 at swap meets.

He wanted mud and snow tires put on it, even on the front. ’” A year earlier, Joe’s father Chester had also passed away and Parsons had to do much of the work involved in closing down the Studebaker dealership, liquidating parts, returning cars to the factory, etc.

He thought that would be better traction for that sports car … During that time, Parsons made plenty of connections with Studebaker and also took ownership of all his father’s parts books and other literature.

The company went “all in” with a bigger, more powerful and more refined performance machine with Raymond Loewy-inspired looks.

Featuring hood scoops, prominent rear fins and fancy driver cockpits, the Golden Hawks combined racy looks and performance with the practicality of a family car — they had back seats and you could squeeze five people inside.

Brand-new vehicles can be leased for 18 to 120 months depending on your requirement.

Pre own vehicle selection can be leased from 12 months to 24 months.The whole saga started more than 50 years ago, and Parsons couldn’t have written a better ending to the unlikely tale that has concluded with the resurrection of one of the most stunning Studebaker Golden Hawks on the globe.Car stories don’t get much better than Parsons’ tale, and it began the day a gold 1958 Golden Hawk arrived at his dad’s Studebaker dealership in East Liverpool, Ohio.The Golden Hawk’s orphan status never worried Parsons, however.It just made him more convinced he needed to make the car as perfect as he could when the time was right.Alas, for all their great qualities, the Golden Hawks and their Silver Hawk and base Hawk kin couldn’t keep Studebaker from circling the drain.