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I wrote a scene for my drama class and I'd love for you guys to be in it. Delia: Cowgirl in the moon, I will never forget it.

Lindy: [To Garrett] I did do that play in the second grade.

[Notices Garrett isn't responding] Hi dad, I'm home from school.

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Zach: I knew it, how long have you two been learning behind my back?! Lindy: You own something with the words "Wild", "Mountain" and "Crusher" in it? Lindy: Okay, so uh there is this guy I know and I consider him a friend, but lately I'm starting to wonder if he could be more than that. Delia: Yeah, don't hurt him, he might know some other secrets. Garrett: Because its got 28 gears, hydraulic brakes, and the strength and agility to shred the steepest, rockiest, terrain of a planet. Lindy: Garrett, I'm a little worried about you and when I say a little, I mean a lot.

Oh and you might want to get some padded bike shorts.

Lindy: Please, I trade Zach in for a phone app like that. I had to make up an excuse just to get away from him.

Garrett: It was just tonight, I swear I didn't retain a thing!

Delia: I always have thought you were a natural performer.

I get it whenever someone says "perform" or "in front of" or "hello".

Lindy: Logan just answer the question, do you think friends can be more than friends?